Motorsportnews Circuit Rally Championship 2018/19 in a/w MSVR Unseeded Entry List

CompetitorDriver / Co-DriverCompetitor Home TownCar MakeCar ModelCCClassMichelin CupProtyre ChallengeSponsor


Driver / Co-Driver
DVR = Driver    
CO-DVR = Co-Driver    

A = Cars up to and including 1400cc    
B = Cars over 1401cc but no more than 1600cc    
C = Cars over 1601cc but no more than 2000cc    
D1 = Cars over 2001cc (2WD)    
D2 = Cars over 2001cc (4WD)    
MX5 = Mazda MX5's Only between 1600 and 1800cc    
RGT = 2WD Nat Aspirated RGT Cars Only up to 4000cc *Subject to MSA Consent    

Michelin Cup
YES = Yes    
NO = No    

Protyre Challenge
YES = Yes    
NO = No    

These entries are in order of receipt - they are not seeded.

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