EACC Autotest 18th October 2020 Unseeded Entry List

Paid Entries
1Stephen HunterEACC Honda Civic1400Class 1
2Oliver HunterEACC Honda Civic1400Class 1
4Michael McElroyEACCMazdaMX51800Class 2
5Ron WalkerEACCFord Fiesta1250Class 1
6Gordon ClendinningEACCVolkswagenBeach Buggy1835Class 2
7Felipe Dalpiaz MachadoEACCMazdaMx51800Class 2
8Keith FairEACCCitroenC2 VTS1587Class 2
9Patrick Jones EACCVwLupo1390Class 1
10Derek ConnellEACCFordKA1300Class 1
11David ConnellEACCFordKA1300Class 1
12Laura ConnellEACCFordKA1300Class 1
13James Jones EACCVolkswagen Lupo1390Class 1
Acknowledged Entries
3Marc McCubbinEACCFord Focus 1800Class 2


CLASS 1 = Saloon cars up to 1400cc    
CLASS 2 = Saloon cars over 1400cc and up to 2000cc    

These entries are in order of receipt - they are not seeded.

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