THE ND CIVILS Ltd Lee Holland Memorial Rally 2021 - Online Entries

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Please direct all results queries to 07528 206061, or alternatively upload a written query with a mobile number to respond to on
The details to log into the uploads site can be found at the bottom of your timecards


Start times are now available at


Drivers Briefing in Pit Lane in front of control at 8.30 1 member of each crew must attend!


Judges of Fact:

Andrew Akers
Barry Allman
Mark Ashforth
Tom Atkinson
Jim Atkinson
Jaime Bailey
Louis Baines
Steve Bannister
Peter Barrett
Andy Benjamin
Richard Blackshaw
Jason Bleakley
John Bobyk
Graham Bobyk
Diane Brereton
Rod Brereton
Andy Bright
Anthony Brindle
Denise Burns
Nigel Carpenter
Jon Chamberlain
Kevin Charnock
David Clarke
Kris Coombes
Sam Coombes
Joe Cousins
Neill Cousins
Pete Cross
Tam Doerfel Hill
Anna Lora Doerfel Hill
Ray Duckworth
Margaret Duckworth
Kim Durose
Stuart Ellis
Dave Ellis
John Ellis
Alan Evans
Jason Evans
Sean Flint
Les Fragle
John Gardner
Andrew Gardner
Jeremy Hancock
Ethan Harris
Brian Hart
Alan Harwood
Barry Hewitt
Peter Highton
Tom Hooley
Brian Hooley
Jeff Hutcheon
Lee Jones
Andy Jones
Christine Jones
Steve Kenyon
Pete Kulczycki
Harold Lowe
Val Maddox
Pat Marchbank
Andy Marchbank
Gary Marriott
Ian Mather
Lindsay Mather
Jack Mather
Ann McCormack
George Merrills
Phil Merrills
Ian Mills
James Moir
Phil Mostyn
Anna Mostyn
Helen Noble
Steve Noble
Rob Nutland
David Peaker
Bruce Perry
Yvonne Robinson
Simon Rolph
Peter Sharples
Julie Sharples
James Sharples
Janet Shaw
Alan Shaw
Richard Shore
Nathan Shore
Adam Smith
Philip Smith
Mark Smith
Craig Stamp
Ian Swallow
Victoria Swallow
Mick Waddington
Chris Warden
James Webster
David Webster
Julie Weiskrantz
Karen Whittam
Graham Williams
Martin Williams
Chris Woodcock
Heidi Woodcock
Kathy Wooward