Wiscombe Park, Near Honiton, Devon, EX24 6JE

Wildlife Wiscombe Hillclimb 2021 - Internet Entry Form

Entries to this event are now closed and this page is for record only



Please visit www.wildlifeautosport.org.uk for more information.






Online Entry System

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Entries Close on 1st May 2021.     

Please follow the steps below to enter the event:  

1. Complete all the fields in the form below, after considering the important information in the following bullet points:-

2. Once you have completed the online entry and clicked on " Agree to the declaration and Enter the Event " button at the end you will receive an automated response confirming we have received your entry form  

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4. The Entry Secretary will send you acknowledgement of your entry (normally within 72 hours of payment being received)

5. It is your responsibility to ensure your entry has been received. At www.wildlifeautosport.org.uk there will be a published entry list which will show the status of your entry (approx. 48 hours after submitting). On checking the event web site, if you can not see your entry or you do not receive the emails (within the expected times), please CONTACT THE EVENT ENTRY SECRETARY, via our website.

Commentator Info - Please complete this, otherwise for spectators it is just Car Numer and Time
Driver's Parent or Guardian (under 18 only)
Car Seats and Harnesses
Car Fire Extinguishers
Tyremarks ASWMC Hillclimb Championship
Tillicoultry Quarries Wiscombe Hillclimb Championship
Hamilton Classic Ltd ACSMC Hillclimb Championship
TVRCC Speed Championship
MSCC Techniques Speed Championship
Torbay Motor Club Speed Championship
Downton Motor Club Speed Series (Formerly DEWS)
Person to be contacted in case of serious accident to Driver
Fees - see above for how to pay
Privacy and Permissions

We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your entry, including providing a public Entry List and sending you emails in connection with your entry in accordance with our Privacy Notice, which can be viewed by visiting:  http://www.wildlifeautosport.org.uk/index.php/privacy-notice/

We would also like to be allowed to contact you in the future to tell you about the next Wildlife Wiscombe Hillclimb event, if this is OK, please select Yes.

The event is not currently open for entries