Rallynuts Stages Rally 2023 - Internet Entry Form

Entries to this event are now closed and this page is for record only

organised by Midland Manor Motor Club

Saturday 15th April 2023. Builth Wells

Entries Close for seeding on Friday 7th April 2023

Entries Secretary: Dave Lancaster
Telephone 01584 881549 or 07976 620288 (No calls after 9PM please)
E-mail: entries@rallynutsrally.co.uk

Held under the General Regulations of Motorsports UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and the Supplementary Regulations

Welcome to the Rallynuts Stages Rally Online Entry system. Please follow the steps below to enter the rally.

  1. Complete all the fields in the form below. The fields with red backgrounds are mandatory. You will not be able to submit your entry until these mandatory fields are completed. Put TBA in any red field which you do not know the details for. The fields with Yellow backgrounds are required before the crew members are able to electronically 'Sign On' for the event.
  2. Once you have hit the "Enter the Rally" button at the end you will receive an automated response confirming we have received your entry. It will include a copy of your entry form and a link to enable you to Update your entry. You do not need to advise the Entries Secretary of any changes as the system does that automatically.
  3. Preference is being given to Completed Entry Forms.
  4. If you are a contender in any of the championships supported by this event, make sure you provide your Championship Registration details. We are obliged to reserve 100 places for championship contender until 10th March 2023.
  5. Entries will only be acknowledged on receipt of full payment.  Please refer to event Regulations articles 8.7 thru 8.13 for more details.
  6. Payment may be made by bank transfer to - Midland Manor Motor Club Ltd. -  Sort Code 30 00 03 - Account Number 00501253 or by Credit or Debit Cards using the Stripe Payment Facility. We no longer accept cheques or cash.
  7. Within 48 hours of us receiving payment, you should receive an e-mail acknowleding payment from the Entries Secretary. NOTE: WITHOUT PAYMENT YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE VALID.
  8. If you don't receive a response within 4 days of the payment date, or if you have any other questions, please e-mail entries@rallynutsrally.co.uk
  9. All Signing On will be electronic. Your entry here is accepted on the understanding of the crew satisfactorily completing signing on. All competitors under the age of 18 will require the signature of their parent or guardian as Guarantor. A Guarantor is expected to attend the event and sign-on as an entrant. If they are unable to be present, a representative can attend, but must produce the Guarantor's written and signed authorisation to act on their behalf. Full text of the Indemnity document is included at the end of the on-line entry form.
  10. Club membership cars and/or Championship Registration cards will be inspected at 'Documentation' prior to issue of timecards.

Camping at the Show Ground in Builth Wells costs £12 (non electric hook-up) or £15 (including electric hook-up) per pitch / per night  (tent, caravan or motorhome). Toilet and shower facilities are available. Tickets are purchasable with your entry and will also be available pre-event from the Entries Secretary or on-event from the Rally Help Desk (Number to be included in Final Instructions).

All the data entered on this page will be stored on a computer for the purposes of administering the event and to promote future Rallynuts Stages Rally, and will not be passed to any third parties.

PLEASE ensure that you click the 'Enter the event' button at the end of the Entry Form ....... ONCE ONLY!


Document Addressing
Driver's Parent or Guardian (under 18 only)
Co-Driver's Parent or Guardian (under 18 only)
If using your own RTA insurance .. (See Article SR 20)
On-event Contact Numbers
BTRDA Gold Star. BTRDA Silver Star. Fuchs Lubricants BTRDA Bronze Star®. MRF Tyres BTRDA Rally First Cup. BTRDA Historic Cup, BTRDA Rally R2 Cup, BTRDA Junior R2 Cup
Motorsport UK Pirelli Welsh Stage Rally Championship
HRCR Stage Masters Challenge
IPS Paint Rally Challenge
Bowler Defender Challenge
Person to be contacted in case of emergency involving the Driver
Person to be contacted in case of emergency involving the Co-Driver
Seeding Information - Previous results for Forest Stage Rallies contested as Driver
Event Name
Overall Position
Class Position
Seeding - Competitor Opinion
Fees and Preferred Method of Payment
Privacy and Permissions

We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your entry, including providing a public Entry List and sending you emails in connection with your entry. Some of your information will be passed on to the organisation providing results for the event.

The event is not currently open for entries